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Spec Homes in Durham, NC

Durham and the surrounding areas are growing at a rapid rate, which makes building and selling a spec house an excellent business opportunity. With a steady flow of buyers moving into the Durham, NC area there are great opportunities to build homes for profit. Our firm has a great deal of experience locating and analyzing land for sale that could be good possibilities for a spec house.

Whether you are a builder or an investor we can help. Searching for land for construction can be complicated and can present possible problems that need to be researched and inspected to make sure the land will be approved for construction. Many agents are not experienced in how to handle and research land in order to protect their clients. As your agent, we can help you look into zoning, utilities, soil analysis, impervious surfaces, and the many other variables involved with searching for land they may not be providing the proper expertise.

If you’re thinking of building a spec house in Durham, NC, or one of the surrounding areas, we can help you- from locating and investigating the land all the way through selling the finished product. Contact us today.

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